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Launch your documents into the GenAI dimension
~20min read   Introduction Context In the modern world, applications such as ChatGPT, based on LLMs (Large Language Models), are becoming ubiquitous. Their potential extends across all sectors, from customer service to human resources management, offering tailored solutions to problems of all kinds.   The many announcements from industry leaders underline the democratization of AI. The constant evolution of tools allows companies to foresee prospects for performance and operational efficiency thanks to GenAI. Our R&D process In view of the advances made in recent months in the field of generative artificial intelligence, Nobori decided to launch an internal initiative to understand and master the key concepts involved. The aim is to use this newly-acquired knowledge to provide our customers with the best possible support in their transition to GenAI applications. We are also committed to developing innovative internal solutions to facilitate the work of our consultants and automate certain processes....
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